Long-story-short, we don't offer these and never will!


This term has emerged recently and covers a range of products from suction lip plumpers to no-needle "injection" devices such as the Hyaluron Pen (see above). This technology was devised decades ago, originally showing promise for insulin to be administered to diabetics without the inconvenience of needles. It involves using high pressure to force material into the skin. This has never really taken off and of course any liquid can in theory be loaded into such a pen device - including hyaluronic acid.

Unfortunately, the challenge here is that you can never deliver a suitably thick gel (as used in real dermal fillers) via air pressure alone.

So, air pressure injection devices have to use a highly watery material or they will not enter the dermis in any meaningful amount. Even then, very minimal product is delivered. Any results are therefore likely to be: 1. Minimal and 2. Short-lived. If plumping for just a few days or weeks is desirable (doubtful), then they may be worth a look.

For anyone new to lip injections of any sort, the allure of a no-needle option is sure to be tempting, but as things stand, they are far from an adequate alternative.

When BooshTOX clients attend for a lips consultation, they quickly discover the range of excellent options for effective numbing, which greatly eases the fear factor. We offer everything from ice packs for topical cooling to numbing creams for around 50% reduction of discomfort and for 99-100% numbness, our nerve blocks are very popular. 

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