HIFU Ultrasound Facelifts

Levura HIFU - The uplifting solution for sagging skin
As we age, the skin starts to lose its elasticity, and begins to droop and sag. This is caused by the fat pads moving out of place, and the skin’s structure being compromised. In order to lift and tighten the skin, collagen production has to be stimulated. As the body stops producing new collagen at around 30 years old, scientists have developed new treatment and devices that help to trick the body into producing more of it, plumping up the skin and improving the skin’s structure overall. The longevity of a treatment such as HIFU does entirely depend on you, the patient. We are stimulating collagen and using your body’s natural healing mechanism to drive the result. Some patients notice results immediately, but optimum results can be seen at approximately 3 months after treatment.

-Eliminates Fat Cells
-Tightens and Lifts Skin
-Contours the Body

Technical Information
Levura HIFU is a safe, non-invasive, ultrasound technology skin tightening procedure, achieved with the use of micro-focused ultrasound. It works by gently bypassing the epidermis and heating the underlying tissue, the device triggers the body’s natural production of collagen, without damaging the top layer of skin, encouraging regeneration. It is a flexible non-surgical skin tightening procedure with a variety of applications. In experienced hands, it can successfully be combined with other aesthetic treatments including Dermal Fillers and Toxins.

Levura HIFU Pricing
Dark Circles | Under-eyes | Upper Face | Lower Face | Jawline/Jowls | Submental (central neck fat) | Lateral Neck (sides of neck) | Decolletage (upper chest)

One Area - £395 (Includes both sides)
Any Two Areas - £595
Any Three Areas - £745
Any Four Areas - £995
Full Face and Neck - £1095

**Promotional Offer - Autumn/Winter 2018/19**
£100 OFF 1 or 2 areas
£150 OFF 3 or 4 areas
£200 OFF Full Face & Neck

Discounts reflected in pricing shown above.

Bespoke packages available as HIFU can be combined with dermal fillers and toxin treatments.
Additional discount on combination packages.

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