Our Immuno+ Vitamin Drip contains high dose Vitamin C, Zinc & Lysine with a separate Glutathione flush.

It takes 20-30 minutes to deliver, doctor administered in our Wolverhampton clinic.

There is a wealth of evidence spanning decades speaking to the benefits of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) in resisting and recovering from many common infections including the common cold and flu-related viruses. There is strong proof they will boost your immune system and with 100% absorption, direct from your bloodstream, the benefits can be obtained right away.

For a summary on the research-backed clinical benefits of IV Vitamin C against viral infections including Coronavirus COVID-19, see here

Note: The above research does not constitute any medical claim on our part. Our IV Vitamin Drips are offered as nutritional supplementation to healthy adults only and must not be regarded as a substitute for urgent medical care for unwell individuals.

For all IV Drip and Booster Shot options see here

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    Updated Monday 23.3.2020

    In line with current UK Government guidance, only Medically Indicated treatments including Immunity Boost, Energy Boost and Recovery IV Infusions, prioritised for key workers, at risk groups and those caring for them. Urgent reviews for any post-treatment issues can also be requested. Booking requests for Cosmetic Treatment to take place before 29 April 2020, will be declined. Feel free to forward book on & beyond 29/4/2020

    Additional availability for Aesthetics Online Consultations (email, chat & video) during this time. These can be requested via our contact form.

    As always, we ask you to please not attend at all if you are medically self-isolating, have any flu-like symptoms including fever, continuous cough or sneezing. Please use our automatic dispensing alcohol gel hand sanitisers on entry and exit from the clinic. Please attend your appointment unaccompanied and at your exact appointment time.

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